wifi Relay

WiFi Relay at a Glance...

  • Relays Installed on a Circuit Board
      - Highly reliable under almost any conditions
  • Control Over Network Connection
      - Network or Internet Control
      - Global Access From your Phone/Tablet or Computer
      - Supports DHCP or Fixed IP Address
      - Password Protection
  • Powerful Android or iPhone App Available
      - Toggle or Momentary Switching
      - Read Sensor Inputs In App
      - Supports Custom Macros for Complex Actions
      - No Custom Programming Needed

Wi-Fi Relay

wifi relayBy selecting the WiFi interface you will be able to control relays over a Wi-Fi network.  The WiFi interface will allow you to associate the board with your existing Wi-Fi network and send the commands over a Wi-Fi network.

Selecting the WiFi Interface

The Wi-Fi interface supports DHCP, Fixed IP, Direct TCP/IP Communications and with a properly configured network internet based communications.  The board can be used within the network or accessed from outside the network by setting Port Forwarding withing your router. 

Selecting a WiFi Relay

How many relays do you need?  Below you will find all the WiFi Relays available.  Each section is broken down by the number of relays installed on the board.  Choose how many relays you require and this will bring you to a page where you will select a board by how many amps you are switching.  WiFi Relays are available with up to 32 relays onboard but they can be expanded up to 256 total relays.