N-Button at a Glance...

  • Two Versions Available
      - N-Button Lite Supports up to 16 Widgets
      - N-Button Pro Supports up to 255 Widgets
  • Connects to Any ProXR or ProXR Lite Board
      - Any Wired, Wireless or Network Interfaces
  • Create Desktop Buttons and Widgets
      - Button Widgets Control Relays
      - Scan Channel Widgets Display Relay Status
      - Meter Widgets Show A/D Input Value
  • Scheduling
      - Create Time Schedules
      - Uses Computer's Clock
      - Use Sensor to Turn on and Specific Time to Turn Off
  • Push Notifications
      - Connectes to Push Notification Boards
      - Send Text and or Emails

Real-Time Status & Control

N-Button Pro/Lite creates widgets that float on your desktop to control external devices, send specified data, run applications, send HTTP requests or send data lists.  It supports Serial Port/USB and Network connections between the PC and the relay board.  It allows you to access and control the widgets remotely.  Through an internet browser, you can control your devices from anywhere with your computer, iPhone, iPad, Android tablet, Windows tablet as well as Linux and Mac!  N-Button Pro/Lite makes it possible to control your devices without any programming with mostly a point-and-click interface!  It supports special widgets developed specifically for the boards on the site.

N-Button Lite

N-Button Lite has all the buttons and widgets of the full version but is limited to 16 widgets.  Created for users with smaller needs to save money, N-Button Lite is a powerful tool for controlling relays or reading A/D inputs with up to 16 widgets.

N-Button Pro

N-Button Pro supports up to 255 widgets and can accommodate any ProXR board and all expansion boards.  If your application requires controlling more than 16 relays N-Button Pro should be your choice.