Relay Timer Software

Relay Timer Software at a Glance...

  • Relay Timer
      - Use any ProXR or ProXR Lite Board
      - Control Relay with Time Schedule
      - Easily Set Time Schedule
      - Multiple Schedule Settings
      - Save Schedule for later loading
  • Manually Take Control of Relays
      - Rapid Button to Control Relay Directly
      - Override Schedule at any Time
      - Turn Relay On/Off Manually
      - Automatically Switch Back to Auto Mode
  • Includes Time Travel Software
      - Changes Speed of Computer's Clock
      - Great for Bench Testing

Relay Timer

Relay Timer SoftwareRelay Timer Software is a programmable timer software to control relays according to a time schedule.  The software can be installed on a computer or server and will get it's time from there.  For applications where the time schedule must match the computer's time this is a perfect choice.  Shift changes, school bells and such can match a time clock installed on the same computer.

How Many Relays Are You Controlling

Relay Timer SoftwareBelow are the different versions of Relay Timer available.  Starting at 1-channel and going to the full version you can select a version that closely matches the number or relays you need to control.  Choose a version below.