Digital Potentiometers at a Glance...

  • 8-Channel Digital Potentiometer - New for 2020
      - 256 Taps Per Potentiometer
      - 10K, 50K, and 100K Variants up to 1mA Per Channel
      - Expandable up to 256 Using UXP Expansion Port
      - Expandable to Control Relays with XR Expansion Port
      - Available in 10K, 50K and 100K Resistance
      - Temperature Rating -40° C to 85° C
      - Expandable to 256 Potentiometers
  • Updated Features - New for 2020
          - More Interface Options
          - Improved Power Supply Circuit
          - Ferrite Beads Added to Better Separate Noise
          - Updated Connectors and Positioning for Better Fit

Programmable Digital Potentiometer - New for 2020

You've been asking for NCD to bring back their Digital Potentiometer and they heard you!  Back in production as a Legacy controller, this device will not become obsolete as long as Parts Remain Available!  Based on the MCP42xx0 Series Digital Potentiometers, use a computer to change the resistor values on 8 different programmable resistors with up to 256 taps per potentiometer.  Available in Potentiometer values of 10 kΩ, 50 kΩ and 100 kΩ with a wiper current of up to 1mA per channel.  Set the Power-Up Default State of the first 32 Potentiometers or read the Power-Up Default State of Each Potentiometer.  All other Potentiometers default to a center position for all wipers.

More Interfaces Available - New for 2020

The Digital Potentiometer now has a modular communications interface, capable of accepting USB, RS-232, Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, communication modules.  Control potentiometers directly from cloud platforms such as Amazon AWS or MQTT when working with our WiFi Bluetooth USB Communications module.  Control Potentiometers using a USB Interface and a Virtual COM Port communications when using our USB interface.  Control Potentiometers over WiFi or Ethernet by opening a TCP socket to port 2101 and start sending commands (as shown in Base Station).