WIFI Push Notification

WiFi Push Notification at a Glance...

  • WiFi Push Notification
      - Send SMS or Email Message
      - Compatible with any Contact Closure Device
  • Embedded WiFi over 802.11b/g
      - Compatible with TCP or UDP Protocols
      - Password Protection
      - WiFi Configuration Kit Available
  • Base Station Software
      - Point & Click Interface
      - Use to Configure Wi-Fi Module
  • N-Button Software
      - Point & Click Interface
      - Use to Configure Messages

Contact Closure Sends Message

WiFi Push Notification allows you to connect a contact closure to the board and send an email or text message when the circuit is closed.  The board will communicate the contact closure information to your computer over your Wi-Fi Network.  N-Button Software will then send a text or email from the computer to your selected recipients.

Selecting The WiFi Push Notification Interface

Push Notification Wi-Fi ModuleBy selecting the Wi-Fi interface you will be communicating through through the Wi-Fi network to the board.  Boards on this page are equipped with a Wi-Fi communications module that adds Wi-Fi communications to the board.

Selecting a WiFi Push Notification Board

Below you will find the Push Notification boards with the Wi-Fi interface.  When the contact closure is closed the signal will be sent to a computer over a Wi-Fi on your computer.  Once the signal is received software will then send out the email and/or test message that you configure.  Choose below how many contact closure inputs you will need on the board.