IP Relay Control

IP Relay Control at a Glance...

  • Computer Controlled IP Controlled Relay
      - Industry Leading Command Set
      - Send Specific Commands to Trigger Relays
      - Control Any or All Relays
      - Program in Almost any Language
      - Read 0 to 5 Volt Sensors
  • Contact Closure Control
      - Sold in Pairs or Groups
      - Dry Contact Controls Relays
      - IP Address Communication
  • Push Notification
      - Send Text and/or Email From Dry Contact

Selecting an IP Relay Control

IP Relay ControlIP Relay Control connects to a network using a standard CAT5 to control one or more relays on a circuit board using a computer or contact closure,  IP Relay Control is available in three different interfaces - more than any other manufacturer!  Ethernet interfaces have two choices, a straight Ethernet and a Web-i Interface where you can control relays with it's built-in web pages.  The Wi-Fi interface will connect to your Wi-Fi network and control relays wirelessly.

IP Relay Control Modules

Network transmission is achieved by modules installed on the board.  All boards have modules installed and when you select a network protocol the appropriate module will be installed. 

Other Network Options

A quick note regarding some of the boards you will find below.  The Contact Closure Relays do not need a computer and will transmit over the network or even over the internet between two boards with a dry contact controlling the relay and not a computer.