Key Fob

Key Fob at a Glance...

  • Key Fob Replacement
      - Compatible with KFX Modules
      - Number of Buttons Must Match Existing Fobs
  • Pairing Module to Key Fob
      - Pair up to 40 Key Fobs Per Board
      - Pair Key Fob to Multiple Boards
  • Many Button Commands Available
      - Momentary, Active Only When Pushed
      - Toggle, Push On - Push Off
      - Add Timer for Auto Shut-Off Function

Adding Additional Fobs

When adding additional fobs to a board you MUST purchase the same number of buttons on the fob that you currently have.   The programming is set in the module on the baord for the number of buttons on the fob so you can't have two different button configurations.

Adding New Fobs

You can have up to 40 key fobs paired to a board and adding new fobs just requires pairing the fobs to the board.   Pairing key fobs to the board is as simple as pushing a button on the module, pushing all the buttons on the key fob then pushing the module button again.   Pushing the module button for 10-seconds will un-pair all the paired key fobs. Up to 40 key fobs can be paired to each module and since they are manually paired they can be paired to multiple boards or won't interfere with any board it's not paired to.

Key Fob Range

The rated range of the MS series Key Fobs is 750 feet (228 meters).  The MS 8-Button Key Fob with an external antenna is rated at 1,000 feet (304 meters).  Key Fob range can depend on many factors.  The maximum ratings are achieved in an outdoor environment with clear line-of-sight and minimal radio interference (in the country).

Kay Fob Availability

We have been experiencing backorders on the key fobs from the manufacturer.   Below is the fobs that are currently available.