Expansion Boards at a Glance...

  • Relays Installed on a Circuit Board
      - Access Relays Just Like They are Connected to the Main Board
      - XR Input and Output Connectors
      - Dual 2.1mm and Screw Terminal Power Connectors
      - On-Board Power and Relay Status LEDs
  • Add Relays to
      - ProXR Boards
      - Time Activated Taralist Boards
  • Onboard XR Expansion Ports
      - Plugs Into ProXR Board or Other Expansion Boards
      - Daisy Chain Expansion Boards Together
      - Control up to 256 Total Relays
      - 6" Ribbon Cable Included
  • Expansion Boards DO NOT Operate on Their Own

ProXR Expansion Board

Expansion Boards plug into a ProXR Board through the XR Port on the board to add more relays.  ProXR Boards are can be expanded to control up to 256 relays.

XR Expansion Boards

XR Expansion Boards will allow you to add up to a total of 256 relays using the XR Port on your controller.  XR Expansion Boards are only compatible with ProXR series boards and are not able to work on their own.  They are used to simply add relays to a ProXR Board.  The connection is made by the included ribbon cable.

Sending Commands to the Expansion Board

Commands are sent to the ProXR Controller and are processed just as they would be on the main board.  Add as m many relay as you need up to 256 using the same communication port.

Add Relays to a ProXR Board

XR Expansion Boards have no on-board firmware, they rely entirely on the firmware on the ProXR board.  The main purpose of the expansion board is to add relays to the main controller.  When you run out of relays, simply plug in an XR expansion controller that is equipped with the kind of relays you need.  All XR Expansion modules are compatible with each other so if you want to add different types of relays you can.  For controllers that are equipped with an XR Expansion port simply look for PROXR in the part number.  ProXR Lite boards are NOT expandable and expansion boards cannot be used.