Contact Closure Relay

Contact Closure Relay at a Glance...

  • Each Device Controls the Other Device
      - Local Inputs Control Remote Relays
      - Remote Inputs Control Local Relays
      - Sold in Pairs
  • Wireless Operation up to 2 Miles
      - Line of Sight Operation
  • Internet Operation Unlimited
      - Will Find Each Other with Internet Connection
  • Wired Operation Up to 1000'
      - Using 3-Wire Cable
  • No Computer, No Programming, No Set-Up
      - Works Together Right Out of the Box!
  • Contact Closure Relay

    The Mir-X Contact Closure Relays are sold in pairs and each device has contact closure inputs and relays, what's different is that the contact closure inputs control the relays on the other device.  This easily allows contact closure switching in a remote location through a wired, wireless or Ethernet connection.  Both sender and receiver boards are included when you purchase a Mirx pair.

    Contact Closure Input & Output

    The relays on-board can be used to interrupt the power of a device you are switching and also as a dry contact closure output.  Applications where you need to extend the range of a contact closure over a distance the MirX will work.  Connect the Contact Closure output of your device to the Sender Board then wire the relay on the Receiver Board as your contact closure input in a remote location.

    Selecting a Contact Closure Relay

    How many relays do you need?  MirX boards can have 1, 2, 4 or 8 relays installed on each board.  Below select how many relays you need and that will take you to a page where you can choose how the boards communicate.