Key Fob Relay 8-Channel 3-AMP DPDT

Key Fob Relay 8-Channel 3-AMP DPDT

Key Fob Remote

The ZADR83DPDTProXR_KEYFOB Key Fob Remote allows users to control relays by a simple push of a button through a key fob you hold in your hand.  The key fob can be used for simple on/off actions or configured for more complex actions with each button press. 

DPDT Relay

This board has DPDT relays installed.  A single DPDT relay is made up of 2 SPDT switches.  Each relay acts as two switches that are activated at the same time with just 1 button push on the key fob.  This allows two independent signals to be switched at one time.

Pair Multiple Key Fobs

The ZADR83DPDTProXR_KEYFOB can be paired with up to 40 key fobs, allowing for multiple people to have fobs to control the relay.  KFX modules reach working distances of 750 feet - line of site!!  If you need multiple boards, each key fob can be paired with as many boards as needed.

You Configure the Action

When a button is pressed on the Key Fob, the KFX Receiver will send the command to the board.  You will configure what this command is!  It can be a simple toggle on/off command or complex commands including delays.  Momentary commands can easily be configured with button press and button release events.  Push a button and the relay energizes, release the button and the relay de-energizes.

Common Commands

  • Toggle and Momentary Commands
  • Turn Off All Relays Then Turn On a Specific Relay
  • Relay Timers: Relay Energized for a Specific Time
  • Relay Grouping: Controlling Multiple Relays Together
  • Relay Flashing Commands
  • Press & Release Commands
Key Fob Relay Key Fob Relay

Key Fob Relay 8-Channel 3-AMP DPDT