Introducing a new direction in Power Switching: AC Light Dimmers

We are pleased to announce our first devices will be released in August, 2011 to all e-Mail subscribers with a standard release on our web site in September.

  • Control 2, 4, or 6 AC Lights
  • 256 Levels of Brightness Control
  • 100 Watt Rating Per Channel
  • Automatic Faders for Speed Control
  • Complex Diming Effects with Short Packet Transmission
  • USB, RS-232, Bluetooth, Ethernet, WiFi, and Wireless Communications Supported

E-Mail Subscribers Get it FIRST!
E-Mail Subscribers will be offered a Pre-Order option at Discounted Prices!

Wireless Relay

  • The Diversity in our line of Wireless Relays help you get the best Wireless Relay for your application
  • Wireless Relays allow Electrical Isolation
  • Convenient Wireless Interface
  • WiFi Introduction Article

Reactor Relays

  • Use Analog Inputs to read and react to Sensors
  • Configuration requires No Programming!
  • Configure using a USB module or wirelessly via ZigBee, XSC, or 802.15.4

Key Fob Relays

  • No Programming Required!
  • Configure the Reactor to respond to the Key Fob any way you can imagine
  • Activate Timers, Relays, or Pulses via Key Fob

Web Browser Relay Boards: Ethernet Relays with Internet Access

The Slideshow above is just a few Screen Captures of our new -NET Browser based Relay Controllers
Control Relays, Monitor A/D Inputs, and Configure your Interface, all from your browser. Demo This Interface

  • Internet Control with no need for a Static IP Address
  • No Programming Necessary
  • Secure Internet and LAN Access via most Web Browsers
  • Open-Source module firmware allows for customization like never before
  • DHCP and Fixed IP Addresses Supported
  • Direct TCP/IP communication ready
  • User Configurable and Customizable Control from within the Browser

The ZETH-NET modules on our -NET boards allow you to control them via a customizable interface that you can access using a common internet browser. They can be accessed via LAN, Remotely over the internet via SignalSwitch, or using custom software using Direct TCP/IP Communications. What makes these controllers so powerful is the fact that they can do all of this at the same time, without the need for a static IP Address.

USB Relay

USB Relay
  • Allows computer controlled switching using the USB port of your computer
  • Works with any programming language that supports serial communications
  • USB Introduction Article

Solid State Relay

  • Longer life span
  • Faster switching time
  • Far more tolerant to High Induction Loads

Ethernet Relay

Taralist Offer Time Activated Relays using a Real Time Clock

  • Configurable Real Time Clock
  • No Computers
  • No Programming
  • Set Up to 999 Events the Board Will React To
  • 2-Way Communication with Verification

The Taralist series Time Activated Relay Controllers are unlike any other relay timer in the world. The Taralist series have an integrated battery backed Real Time Clock with memory that allows users to control relays based on a time schedule. Use your computer to setup the time schedule and store your schedule into the Taralist controller. Once stored, the Taralist does not require a computer, and will activate relays according to a schedule that can be as simple or as complex as your application requires.

Time Controlled Relay


  • We now carry sensors to connect to the A/D Inputs of your Reactor or ProXR Controller
  • Choose from a variety of Sensors including: Magnetic, Temperature, Flex, and Light Sensors

802.15.4 Wireless Relay

RS232 Relay

  • Offers More Features & Expandability Than Any Other Serial Relay
  • Proven ProXR Command Set
  • Sets the Standard for Which All Other Computer Controlled Switching Devices Should be Judged

ZB ZigBee Relay

  • Most Reliable Wireless Technology Available
  • Data Hops Across Devices to Reach Destination
  • Use a Single Coordinator Connected to your Computer to Talk to ANY Device in the ZB ZigBee Mesh Network

DPDT Relay

Contact Closure

  • Uses the same ProXR software protocols
  • Allows you to read 16, 32, or 48 switches per Board and can be expanded using our ScanSwitch Series UXP Expansion Boards
  • Available with USB, Bluetooth, Wireless Mesh/Point to Point, XSC Interface
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