UXP Expansion Modules

Add A/D, Contact Closures and/or Potentiometers

UXP Expansion

UXP is a new standardized data port, specifically for the purpose of speaking to various expansion modules. If the controller you are considering is equipped with a UXP port, you can take advantage of extended commands to speak to our growing line of I/O expansion modules. You will find the UXP port on models with UXP in the part number.
Expansion options that are available is covered in the above video.

UXP Expansion Modules

UXP Expansion Boards have no on-board brains.  They are entirely reliant on the brains of a "master" device.  A master device is an NCD controller with a UXP expansion port and a microprocessor of some kind.  Most master UXP devices have on-board relays.  If you need to add A/D, Contact Closure Inputs or Digital Potentiometers just plug in the appropriate expansion module.  You cannot daisy chain different types of modules to the same controller however.  In other words if you plug in a potentiometer you will not be able to plug a contact closure or A/D module also.  For controllers that are equipped with a UXP Expansion port (and are suitable master devices for UXP Series Expansion) simply look for UXP in the part number.  All UXP Expansion Modules have an input and an output so you can simply daisy chain the boards together until you reach the number of contacts you are looking for.

XR Expansion Port

Most UXP controllers (Master Devices) have an XR expansion port and therefore can accommodate XR Expansion Boards.  Typically the XR Expansion port is used to add relays to the main controller (Master Device).  Like the UXP Expansion boards the XR Expansion Boards have no on-board brains.  They are entirely reliant on the brains of a "master" device.  When you run out of relays, just plug in an XR expansion board that is equipped with the kind of relays you need.  You can add up to 256 relays including the relays that are on the main controller (Master Device). All XR Expansion modules are compatible with each other so if you want to add different types of relays you can.  For controllers that are equipped with an XR Expansion port (and are suitable master devices for XR Series Expansion Controllers) simply look for PROXR in the part number.

Using XR and UXP Together

If you select a board that is equipped with both XR and UXP port you can use both ports simultaneously.  This allows you to add and control more relays through the XR port plus add A/D, Contact Closures or Potentiometers to the same board through the UXP port.  This can all be controlled through the same virtual COM port on your computer.  These Expansion Boards can be purchase with the controller or purchased at a later time when you have a need to expand.  To use both ports together you will need to select a controller that has UXP and PROXR in the part number to have both ports available on the controller (Master Device).

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