UXSCMLR XSC Long Range Modem

XSC Modem 15 Mile Range with an External Antenna

Compliance to ROHS Standards

Control this Device Over the Internet

Signal Switch Compatible

Wireless Control is Now as Easy as Talking to a Serial Port on your Computer! Long Range XSC Modem
Download Latest USB Virtual COM Port Drivers
Download Latest Modem Configuration Utility (MaxStream Software lets you set advanced features of the modem.  Not required for most applications.)
 Release Date May 11, 2007.
Mounts as a Virtual COM Port
Wireless Communications up to 15 Miles
Plug In, Open the COM Port and Start Sending Commands
Programmable Baud Rate
Compatible with All XSC Devices
LED Status Lights Indicate Communication
USB Powered

Includes USB Cable

Includes Enclosure 
Long Range XSC Modem
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1-99 $484/ea
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Standard XSC Modem
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1-99 $155/ea
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XSC Modems make Wireless Control EASY!!!

Communicating with a Wireless Device does NOT have to be complicated.  Our line of XSC Modems allow first time users to communicate with ANY XSC device, even if it was not manufactured by us!!! 

Here's how it works.  Plug the XSC Modem into your computer and install the drivers.  The XSC Modem will mount as a COM port on your PC.  Next, talk to the COM port as though you were communicating with a RS-232 serial device that is directly connected to your PC.  That's all there is to it!!!

XSC Long Range Antenna

Long Range Antenna

An outside antenna will need to be installed in order to reach the 15 mile limit of these devices.  When you choose this optional antenna we will include everything you will need to install this except for the pole. Included will be the Cushcraft PC9013 antenna, 20 feet of cable (longer cables are not recommended) and the connector to connect the board to the cable.  Purchase a pole to mount the antenna from your local home improvement store and install the antenna.  Connect the board to the antenna via the provided cable and start sending commands.

XSC Modems offer wireless 2-way communications, compatible with any XSC device or network.  This device is Powered by the USB Port.  Includes USB Cable and Enclosure. PCB is NOT mounted inside enclosure, Enclosure is not drilled.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

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XSC Long Range Modem

XSC Long Range Modem

XSC Long Range Modem

XSC Long Range Modem