Controlling NCD Devices Over the Internet Login Page Allows you to Control any NCD Device Over the Internet! 
Create your OWN Interface to Control NCD Devices with NO PROGRAMMING!!...
Best of All...It's FREE!!!

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 Release Date October 1, 2008.

User-Customized Pages for Controlling Devices from Anywhere in the World from
User-Customized PDA (Pocket PC) Pages for Controlling Devices from Anywhere in the World from
One Account can Service Thousands of Controllers Worldwide
Client Application Tools Allow you to Write your Own Software for Internet Control

Complete Integration Tools for Computer Control from your Own Web Site

Free Service to unlimited Client Locations
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National Control Devices, LLC
Since October, 1995

Control Any NCD Device!

Turn your browser into a working remote control!
Configure your own buttons to fit your needs! 
With No Programming Internet Control is Effortless!

We give you the tools to control anything...anywhere
If you are looking for an easy way to control anything, from anywhere in the world then you have come to the right place. will let you control lights, monitor temperature, read motion detectors, capture images, send SMS text messages, and generate emergency alert notifications...from anywhere in the world.  Internet data collection is finally available to you even if you have never done it before.  We give you the tools to control anything...anywhere. 

No programming needed
We have virtually ELIMINATED THE NEED FOR PROGRAMMING!  Simply download and install the free listener, configure the buttons to fit your needs and your ready to go.  What could be easier, and best of all you can now control whatever it is that you need to control from anywhere in the world! 

Works with any NCD Device talks directly to a program on your computer called a listener.  The listener is a free download that maintains client connection with and waits for a command.  This service will work with any NCD device.  If your device is a WI-Fi or Ethernet device no computer is needed, will talk directly to the device through it's Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection.

The Competition can't say that
With the largest selection of relay controllers and the ability to control them from anywhere in the world, we are the leading source for computer controlled relay applications.
...and the competition can't say that!

Here's how it works.
Navigate to the LOG In page and click the Sign up button.  Read the User agreement and click I Agree.  If you are a returning user put in your User Name and Password that you created when you set up your account and click Log In.

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Sign Up
On the Sign Up page create a User Name, Password and put in your email address.  Create a Security Question and Security Answer to be used if you forget your Password and click Create User.  Password length is a minimum of 7 with 1 non-alphanumeric character required.

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Sign Up Complete
Once you have created a User Name and Password you have completed the signup process and you will be brought to the complete screen. Click Continue then click the Download Listener File link.

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User Page
This page will be your main page you will work from.  Once configured you will be able to turn relays on and off from this page.  To download the listener click the Admin button and click download under the Listener(PC) column.  Follow the instructions to install the Listener.

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User Administration
This page will be the page to check the connection status and to see if the devices are working properly.  Links to edit the password and to logout are provided.  Clicking the Manage button will allow you to create and edit  any NCD Relay Board.  The red Edit button will bring you to the Design Page.

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Design Page
In the Design Page will allow you to configure the layout of the user page.  You can add buttons, Label them, and change their size and location.  you also have the ability to assign buttons to specific relays.

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Your Ready to Go
With the buttons configured and the listener talking to the device you are now controlling relays over the internet!  Whether your device is across the room or across the world you can control it!

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Control Devices Over the Internet