USB ProXR Relay Control with Analog to Digital Conversion

USB Relay 16-Channel 30-Amp with UXP Port

Product Code: ZUXPR1630PROXR_USB

ZUXPR1630PROXR_USB USB Relay Controller
USB Interface Mounts as a Virtual COM Port for Easy Programming Across All Major Operating Systems, Ensuring Compatibility with All Programming Languages that Support Serial Communications !
Compliance to ROHS Standards

Control this Device Over the Internet
Signal Switch Compatible

USB Relay 16-Channel 30-Amp with UXP Port


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The ZUXPR1630PROXR_USB is similar to the ZADR85PROXR model shown in the video. The wireless 802.15.4 module is simply replaced with a USB module making this a USB board.

ProXR Relay with UXP at a Glance

  • Expandable to control up to 256 Relays using the XR Expansion Port
  • 16 Background Timers Can be Assigned to Any of the Relays while Processing Your RS232 Commands
  • Server Reboot, Watchdog, & Keep Alive Duration/Pulse Timing Command Set
  • 2400 to 115.2K Baud RS-232 Serial Connection for High Speed Switching
  • Control One Relay at a Time or All 256 Relays at Once with Manual and Automatic Refreshing ProXR Command Set
  • UXP Expansion port for Adding Additional:
     - Contact Closure Modules - up to 256 Inputs
     - Digital Potentiometers - up to 48 Inputs
     - Analog to Digital Conversion - up to 256 Outputs

This video will show you how to set up both the hadware and software portions of your USB Relay Controller.
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This video is a basic introduction to the world of Computer Controlled Switching and Relays in general.
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Watch to find out the advantages of wired communications and the differences between wired communications.
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This video will show you what Induction is and how to use Capacitors to Suppress it.
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Learn about the mechanics, applications, and tricks to Analog to Digital Conversion.
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This movie will show you how to find the Com Port assigned to your Relay Controller.
The first half of the video will show you how to do so in Windows Vista and the second half is using Windows XP.


This movie will explain the different expansion options that can be used with our controllers.


This Product:

Ratings AC DC
Voltage 240 24
Amperage 10 10
USB Relay 16-Channel 30-Amp with UXP Port
Stock#: ZUXPR1630PROXR_USB $724.00

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Power Supply Available

PWR12 Power Supply
The PWR12 is regulated power supply providing clean power necessary for the performance of these boards
Power Supplies $24/ea

Desktop Control

N-Button Lite
Desktop Control & Monitoring
N-Button creates up to 8 desktop widgets to control relays without any programming.

Order Today with This Board for Only $29
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USB ProXR Enhanced with UXP:

USB Virtual COM Relay Controller with
UXP Expansion Port and XR Expansion Port

About USB:

Our New USB ProXR Series Relay Controllers make it easier than ever to add computer controlled switching to your most demanding computer control applications.  Simply connect to your computer and this controller mounts as a Virtual COM Port on your PC, allowing easy programming from any language that supports serial communications.

This ProXR series controller connects to the USB port of your computer and requires a 12VDC Power Supply.  Once powered up, the relay controller waits for a command.  A command consists of a few bytes of data.  Usually between 2 and 6 bytes.  Once the command has been received, the controller processes the command, and sends you back ASCII character code 85 to signal the completion of your command.

Read More About USB Communications

ZUSB Modules

This board is equipped with a ZUSB Module. The ZUSB communications module adds USB communications to all NCD devices equipped to accept modular wireless communication modules. The ZUSB is powered from the USB port of your computer and includes a 6' USB Cable. The ZUSB is available in three varieties:

About Universal Expansion Ports

If you need to add capabilities beyond basic relay control to your application, then you may want to consider using one of our controllers equipped with a UXP Expansion Port. UXP is a standardized data port, specifically for the purpose of speaking to various expansion modules. This Relay Controller is equipped with a UXP port, allowing you to take advantage of extended commands to speak to our growing line of I/O expansion modules.

Read More About Universal Expansion Ports

About ProXR:

With all the control and backward/forward compatibility you have come to expect from the ProXR series command set, this controller allow you to send simple commands to activate relays, read the status of relays, activate up to 16 relay timers, and control up to 256 total relays using the XR Expansion Port.  All relays are electronically latched, simply send a command to turn the relay on, send a different command to turn the relay off.

You can send commands to activate relays, deactivate relays, control all the relays at one time, plus you can send commands that tell a relay to turn on for a few seconds, minutes, or hours.  You can assign 16 timers to any of the 256 relays, and set the timers to go off after the duration has expired. That's just the beginning, find out more about our ProXR Command Set.

Read More About the ProXR Standard

Desktop Relay Control

N-Button & N-Button Lite is software that allows you to configure buttons to control relays and read the status of those relays without programming. You can also create meters for reading variable input sensors connected to the board in real time!  N-Button will allow you to create unlimited widgets and N-Button Lite will allow you to create up to 8 widgets.

Relay Button widgets turn relays on/off directly. It has never been so easy to control relays before.
Relay Status widgets show status of the relay automatically right on the desktop!

N-Button Lite is available as a free download. Look for the Desktop Control section to the right to download.

N-Button Lite version supports up to 8 widgets. If you want to add more than 8 widgets, you need upgrade to the standard version.

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Limited time offer! Order the N-Button Lite with a relay board and get it for the unbelievable price of just $29.00. That's a discount of 40% off the retail price! If you purchase the full N-Button it's just $99.00 with the purchase of a relay board and that's a 41% savings off retail price! Desktop control, sensor meters and backgrounds plus all the customization for just one low price, purchase your copy of N-Button Lite today.

ALL RELAYS ARE HERMETICALLY SEALED, Relay Controller Requires +12VDC Power Supply, Photos May Show Options or Accessories Not Included with Relay Controller.  USB Specification Prohibits Relay Controllers from Being USB Bus Powered due to Surge Currents.  NCD will NOT Design/Manufacture a Mechanical Relay Controller that is USB Bus Powered, Please Be Cautious of Any Manufacturer who Offers such a Device.


USB Relay

The ZUXPS1630ProXR_USB USB Relay is equipped with firmware built into the board that will allow you to send commands to the board to energize the relay on the board.  The USB interface will allow you to connect the board to the USB port on your computer.  The board will mount as a virtual COM port.

ZUXPS1630ProXR_USB The Ideal Choice

The ZUXPS1630ProXR_USB USB Relay allows you to program in almost any language and has the ProXR Command Set, the industry leading command set for sending commands to control relays and read the inputs on the board.

USB Relay - ProXR

This is a ProXR board meaning that it has the industry leading command set and the board can be expanded to include up to 256 relays.  Adding relays is as easy as adding expansion boards as your needs arise.