USB ProXR Relay Control with Analog to Digital Conversion

USB Relay 16-Channel 30-Amp with UXP Port

Product Code: ZUXPR1630PROXR_USB

ZUXPR1630PROXR_USB USB Relay Controller
USB Interface Mounts as a Virtual COM Port for Easy Programming Across All Major Operating Systems, Ensuring Compatibility with All Programming Languages that Support Serial Communications !

USB Relay 16-Channel 30-Amp with UXP Port


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The ZUXPR1630PROXR_USB is similar to the ZADR85PROXR model shown in the video. The wireless 802.15.4 module is simply replaced with a USB module making this a USB board.


This Product:

Ratings AC DC
Voltage 240 24
Amperage 10 10
USB Relay 16-Channel 30-Amp with UXP Port
Stock#: ZUXPR1630PROXR_USB $724.00

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USB Relay

The ZUXPS1630ProXR_USB USB Relay is equipped with firmware built into the board that will allow you to send commands to the board to energize the relay on the board.  The USB interface will allow you to connect the board to the USB port on your computer.  The board will mount as a virtual COM port.

ZUXPS1630ProXR_USB The Ideal Choice

The ZUXPS1630ProXR_USB USB Relay allows you to program in almost any language and has the ProXR Command Set, the industry leading command set for sending commands to control relays and read the inputs on the board.

USB Relay - ProXR

This is a ProXR board meaning that it has the industry leading command set and the board can be expanded to include up to 256 relays.  Adding relays is as easy as adding expansion boards as your needs arise.