Potentiometer expantion Module

UXP Expansion

Our Digital Potentiometer controllers offer our customers the capability of integrating programmable digital potentiometers into their next computer control application. Potentiometers are available in 10K, 50K, and 100K values. Each potentiometer output can be set to any of 256 possible output values. Each potentiometer may be controlled individually, or you may control all potentiometers simultaneously.

Add Potentiometer to any UXP Port

This device adds 16 programmable potentiometers in 10K, 50K, or 100K values. Each output has a programmable resolution of 256 steps. The UPOT16 Expansion Module is compatible with any NCD potentiometer as well as any NCD ProXR controller equipped with a UXP port.  Expand any NCD ProXR board with a UXP port to include a potentiometer using the UPOT16 Potentiometer Expansion Module!  Simply plug the UPOT16 into any NCD Relay board that is equipped with a UXP Port to add potentiometer output to any new or existing system.

    UPOT16 Expansion Module
  • Compatible with any NCD Potentiometer
  • Compatible with any NCD ProXR model with UXP expansion port
  • 16 programmable potentiometers
  • 10K, 50K, or 100K values
  • Each output has programmable resolution of 256 steps
  • Add Expansion Modules up to 256 output channels

Resistance Output Only

This configuration still offers a resistance output only, and cannot provide a voltage output of any kind.  The UPOT16 potentiometer is limited to applications that operate in the 0 to 5V range. Each potentiometer has a maximum current capacity of 1ma. Exceeding these rating will immediately damage the controller.

Only One Application

You cannot daisy chain different types of applications to the same controller however.  In other words if you plug in a potentiometer you will not be able to plug a contact closure or A/D module.  You will not be able to plug a potentiometer expansion into a A/D board or Contact Closure Board.  For controllers that are equipped with a UXP Expansion port (and are suitable master devices for UXP Series Expansion) simply look for UXP in the part number.  All Potentiometer Expansion Modules have an input and an output so you can simply daisy chain the boards together until you reach the number of contacts you are looking for up to a total of 256.