Android Relay

Bluetooth Relay at a Glance...

  • Control Over a Bluetooth Connection
      - Direct Wireless Access
      - Pair with Board Your Controlling
  • Control Over Network Connection
      - Network or Internet Control
      - Global Access from your Phone/Tablet
      - Ethernet or Wi-Fi Interface
  • Powerful Interface
      - Toggle or Momentary Switching
      - Read Sensor Inputs In App
      - Supports Multiple Users
      - Supports Custom Macros for Complex Actions
      - No Custom Programming Needed

Android Relay ProXR Lite
Android Remote Relay Controller

The Free Android App can be downloaded from the Google Play marketplace.  The Android App allows you to control up to 32 relays per board and control an unlimited number of boards within the app!  The app is compatible with boards with an Bluetooth, Ethernet or Wi-Fi interface and installs on an Android phone or tablet.

Selecting an Android Relay

Android Relays are available in your choice of either a Bluetooth, Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection - more than any other manufacturer.  Each protocol is slightly different in terms of how the app will communicate to the board.  The Bluetooth version will allow you to pair the board with an Android Phone to tablet for direct communication to the board when within range.  The Ethernet or Wi-Fi versions will be available from anywhere on the network and if the router is properly configured from anywhere outside the network as well.

Communication Modules

Communication to the board is achieved by modules installed on the board.  All boards have modules installed and when you select a communications protocol the appropriate module will be installed.  The three communication options are shown below, click on the option that best suits your needs.  This will lead you to a page where you can select how many relays you would like installed on the board.