Wireless Contact Closure

Contact Closure Triggers Relay

Contact Closure Over Ip

Wireless Contact Closure

  • MirC Version
      - Sender Board Controls the Receiver Board
      - Contact Closure Inputs on Sender
      - Relays on Receiver
  • MirX Version
      - Each Device Controls the Other Device
      - Local Inputs Control Remote Relays
      - Remote Inputs Control Local Relays
  • Wireless Operation
      - Line of Sight Operation
      - 300' Standard Range
      - 1-Mile & 2-Mile Options
      - Multiple Pairs will not Interfere with Each Other
  • Works Together Right Out of the Box!
      - No Computer, No Programming, No Set-Up!
Wireless Contact Closure
Trigger Relays with Contact Closure

Contact Closure Relay uses a simple contact closure to trigger a relays Wirelessly.  Control a relay remotely with our popular MirC or MirX controllers that have separate boards in separate locations that work together as a married pair over a network connection.  Control from a contact closure input and send the command to the receiver board over your network of over the internet.

MirC or MirX
The MirC & MirX Relays are an ideal choice for wireless contact closure switching. With a standard range of 300' and longer options, there's no need to run cable!  If wireless or running a cable is not an option wireless is available and the MirC & MirX can do the job.

Wireless Contact Closure Control
Trigger Relays with a Simple Contact Closure
Rugged, Dependable Contact Closure Relay

Selecting a Wireless Contact Closure

Contact Closure Relays are available in two different varieties for different applications.  The MirC has contact closure inputs on the sender board that control relays on the receiver board.  The MirX boards have contact closure inputs on both boards and relay on both boards and the inputs control the relays on the opposite board.  Choose which version fits your needs below.

Wireless Contact Closure