Reactor Relay - 1-Channel

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Time Relay

Reactor Relay All The Features You Need...

  • 1 Relay Installed on Circuit Board
  • Control Relays Based on Sensor Levels
  • Reliable Sturdy Design
  • Onboard Communication Interface
      - Wired & Wireless Available
  • Configuration options
      - 256 Different Trigger Points
      - 8 Background Timers Available
      - 4 Rotation Counters Available
      - Configure Activation Sequences
  • Base Station Software
      - Point & Click Interface
      - Use to Configure Time Schedule
      - Manually Trigger Relays

Reactor Relays
Sensors Trigger the Relays

Reactor Relays are equipped with firmware built into the board that will allow you to setup a configuration to trigger relays based on sensor levels or contact closure inputs.  The Reactor Relay series has eight inputs of analog to digital conversion where the board will convert a voltage of 0 to 5 volts into a numeric value of 0 to 255.  Relays can be triggered based on the numeric values of the sensors and can be configured using Base Station Software and stored to the board.  Once stored, the computer is no longer needed and the relays will activate according to your configuration - the board will "react" on it's own.

Time Delay and More
Delays and sequences can be stored into the board when the input level is reached.  Configurations can be as simple as toggling a relay to complex sequences where multiple relays and delays can be involved.  All done without the use of a computer once the configuration is uploaded to the board.

Time Delay Relay
Time Delays can be set before or after the sensor level is reached.
Sensor Activated Relay You Can Count On!

Selecting an Interface

How would you like to configure the board?  Below you will find all the 1-Channel Reactor Relay interfaces that are available.  Each section is broken down by the interface installed on the board.  The interface will determine how you will communicate to the board with your computer.  You will configure the board using the free Base Station Software, once configure the computer is no longer needed!  Choose the interface you require and click that link.  This will bring you to a page where you will select a board based on amperage of the relay installed.