Fusion Relay

Fusion at a Glance...

  • Features Not Found on Other Boards
      - Two Communication Ports
      - Two UXP Ports
      - I2C Port
  • Fusion Control Options
      - Computer Control
      - Time Schedule Control
      - Sensor Control
  • Fusion Communication
      - Remote Access to Other Boards
      - Push Notification
  • Expansion Options
      - Expand up to 256 Relays
      - Digital I/O or 8/10-Bit Analog Input Channels
      - Add Contact Closure Input Detection
      - Add Analog-to-Digital Conversion
      - Add Potentiometer Output Channels
      - Add I2C Devices

Fusion Control

Fusion Boards are a 4th Generation relay controller offering the ultimate relay control solution... without exception.  Capable of making decisions to control relays based on sensor reading or a time schedule.  Fusion series controllers offer easy setup without programming.  Fusion controllers can be adapted to any automation application you could imagine. 

Two Communication Ports

Fusion Boards have two communications ports!  The first port has a USB interface that will allow you to connect the board to the USB port on your PC.  The board will mount as a virtual COM port.  The 2nd port is your choice!  Use it as a second communication port with a different interface, use it to wirelessly communicate to other Fusion boards or leave it empty.

It's All Here

Fusion combines ProXR Computer Control, Reactor Sensor Control, Taralist Time Scheduling, and Remote Access wireless communications, use all feature or just some of them!  It's the best of all technologies fused into a single controller!