Push Notification

Contact Closure Notification
Contact Closure Sends Text or Email

Push Notification

Push Notification...

  • Push Notification
      - Send SMS or Email Message
      - Compatible with any Contact Closure Device
  • USB Interface Optione
      - Plugs Directly into USB Port
      - Mounts as a Virtual COM Port
  • WiFi Interface Option
      - WiFi over 802.11b/g Network
      - Compatible with TCP or UDP Protocols
      - Password Protection
      - WiFi Configuration Kit Available
  • Base Station Software
      - Point & Click Interface
      - Use to Configure Wi-Fi Module
  • N-Button Software
      - Point & Click Interface
      - Use to Configure Messages

Push Notification
Contact Closure Sends Message

Push Notification boards allow you to connect a contact closure to the board and send an email or text message when the circuit is closed.  Your choice or USB or WiFi interface is available to communicate to your computer.  The contact closure information will then be sent to your computer where N-Button Software will then send a text or email from the computer to your selected recipients.

The Ideal Choice
Ideal for applications when you must know a contact closure has been activated.  Connect the contact closure (no voltage) directly to the board or add this board to any of our relay boards and use a relay on the board as the contact closure input so you're notified when your relays trigger!

Push Notification
Send a Text or Email with any Contact Closure Input
Extremely Powerful, Very Reliable Push Notification!

Selecting Push Notification Interface

Our Push Notification boards allow a simple contact closure to send a text message.  There will be a board that has the contact closure inputs and a computer with software that will receive the contact closure information and send the email and/or text.  There are two interfaces available to dend the data to the computer, a USB or WiFi interface.  Below select the interface that works for your application and this will bring you to a page where you can select how many inputs you will need.