USB Potentiometers

USB Potentiometers at a Glance...

  • Programmable Potentiometers
      - 256 Levels of Programmable Resistance
      - Operates in the 0 - 5 Volt Range
      - Maximum Current Capacity of 1ma
      - 3 Contact Points for Each
      - Available in 10K, 50K and 100K Resistance
      - Temperature Rating -40° C to 85° C
      - Expandable to 256 Potentiometers
  • Onboard USB Interface Module
      - Plugs Directly into USB Port
      - Mounts as a Virtual COM Port

Programmable Digital Potentiometer

A USB Potentiometer has the capability of sending a command to the board to control the resistance output of a specific potentiometer.  Each potentiometer has 3 Connections: A, Wiper, and B.  When a low value is sent to the controller, the wiper moves closer to A, decreasing the resistance between A and the wiper (increasing the resistance between the wiper and B).  When a high value is sent to the controller, the wiper moves closer to B, decreasing the resistance between the wiper and B (increasing the resistance between the wiper and A).  It is possible to set the wipers on all outputs individually or simultaneously. 

2020 Release Date

A new line of upgraded line of USB Potentiometers will be introducted in April of 2020!  Check back to this page as we will be adding part numbers and more information as it becomes available.

USB Potentiometer Values

USB Potentiometers are available in 10K, 50K, and 100K values.  Each potentiometer output can be set to any of 256 possible output values.  Each potentiometer may be controlled individually, or you may control all potentiometers simultaneously.

Resistance Output

Please keep in mind the USB Potentiometer Boards offer a resistance output, and cannot provide a voltage output of any kind without additional electronics.  USB potentiometers are limited to applications that operate in the 0 to 5V range.  Each potentiometer has a maximum current capacity of 1ma.