Electronic Key Fob at a Glance...

  • 8 Relay Installed
      - SPDT, SPST or DPDT Relays
  • Programmable Key Fob
      - Distance 750 to 1000 Feet
  • Pairing Module to Key Fob
      - Pair up to 40 Key Fobs Per Board
      - Pair Key Fob to Multiple Boards
  • Many Button Commands Available
      - Momentary, Active Only When Pushed
      - Toggle, Push On - Push Off
      - Add Delay for Auto Shut-Off Function

Electronic Key Fob

Electronic Key Fob Electronic Key Fobs are equipped with firmware on the board that will allow allows users to control relays by a simple push of a button through a Wireless Key Fob you hold in your hand.  The key fob can be used for simple on/off actions or configured for more complex actions with each button press.

Distance of 750 Feet

You can pair up to 40 key fobs to each board so everybody who needs one can have control of your devices for almost any application.  The boards reach working distances of 750 feet and up to 1000 feet with the 8-channel key fob with with external antenna!!  One key fob can control multiple boards or multiple key fobs can control one.

You Configure the Action

When a button is pressed on the Key Fob, the KFX Receiver will send the command to the board.  You will configure what this command is!  It can be a simple toggle command or complex commands including delays.  Momentary commands can easily be configured with button press and button release events!  Push a button and the relay energizes, release the button and the relay de-energizes.

Selecting an Electronic Key Fob

Below you will find the 4-channel Electronic Key Fobs that are available.  The difference being the amperage of the relays installed and the type of relay.  Choose the controller that fits the amperage you are switching.  You will find SPDT relays in the 5, 10 and 20 amp versions and an SPST version in 30 amp.  For more information on selecting the correct relay for your application see Choosing a Proper Amperage.