16 Channel DPDT Relay

16 Relay DPDT Control Board

Double Pole Double Throw Relay

A DPDT Double Pole Double Throw Relay has a single coil with two arms that move at the same time.  There are two completely separate SPDT switch mechanisms inside a DPDT relay switch.  A DPDT relay board is most commonly used for signal switching applications, but can be found in high power switching applications as well.

The PC Switch for Computer Controlled Switching

NCD Relay Controllers Offer Computer Controlled using a simple interface to your computer.  Integrate one of our PC switch controllers to turn external devices on or off with just a few simple software commands.  Using a PC Relay, computer controlled switching has never been easier.  Use any programming language you want to talk to our line of PC Relay controllers.  All our controller needs are a few simple bytes of data, so its easy to integrate into VB4, VB5, VB6, Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio 2008.  Programming Examples are Provided on the Product Description pages below for Visual Basic 6.

Wireless or Hardwired PC Switching Solutions

Most NCD Devices are available in Wireless and Wired configurations.  Activate a Remote Switch from your PC with minimal effort.  Remote PC Control has never been easier.  For more detailed information and to order, please click on the links below.

Latest Advancements

Look for our ProXR series controllers for the latest advancements in signal switching!  The ProXR Series is capable of controlling up to 256 relays.  Control one relay at a time or all 256 relays at once with manual and automatic refreshing command set!  With our DPDT signal switching, the ProXR Series are built from the ground up with Expansion in mind.  Simply Chain the XR Expansion Modules, one after another, to meet your computer controlled switching requirements.  Your system will grow as your needs grow by simply plugging in modules as needed.  All boards in the ProXR Series will have the ProXR suffix in the part number.    For more detailed information and to order, please click on the links below.