Serial Relay

Serial Port Relay Control

Connecting the Pro Series to a computer is easy! The R45Pro relay is shown connecting to an optional QS12 Quick Start Kit. A USB to Serial adapter can also be used if you need to connect to a USB port.

Serial Relay Control

Choose a board Configuration That Fits Your Needs
Control One or All Relays with Two-Way Communication
Highly Reliable Relay Boards For Demanding Applications

Large Selection

We offer a large selection of Serial Relays for applications ranging from low power signal switching to high voltage, high current applications.  If your looking for a four channel relay controller we have a configuration to fit every need.  4 Channel Relay Controllers are ideal for computer control applications where small size and high functionality are required.  The R410 and R810 controllers continue to be two of our most popular controllers year after year.  The ADR510ProXR controller is a full ProXR controller that features the ProXR command set, Analog to Digital Conversion and is expandable to 256 relays!  Solid State and DPDT configurations can now be found in a serial relay controllers as well.

RS232 Switching with a Serial Port

Serial Relay or Serial Relay Controllers allow computer controlled switching using the Serial port of your computer.  Select NCD Serial Relay Drivers support 8-Channels of 8-Bit / 10-Bit Analog to Digital Conversion (A/D), and include an XR Relay Expansion Port for adding additional relays to the Serial Relay Controller Board.

Supports any COM Port

An Serial Relay supports any available COM port at any standard baud rate, allowing easy integration into any program that support serial communications. The RS232 Relay is ideally suited for applications that require data collection and control from a single device. Built-in temperature sensor allows temperature monitoring, analog to digital conversion, and relay control from a single device. RS-232 Interface Supports baud rates up to 115.2K Baud.

Easy Connection with the Quick Start Kit

For controllers that do not have than integrated serial connection and power connector look for the Quick Start Kit at checkout. The Quick Start Kit will provide easy connection to a serial cable and ships with a power supply and serial cable. Connect these serial boards to the USB port of your computer using a USB to Serial adapter. The USB to Serial Adapter is to be used with the Quick Start Kit and is available at checkout.