1 Channel Wireless Relay

1 Channel Wireless Relay Controller

1 Channel Wireless Relay Board
Our 1 Channel Wireless Relay Board is available in SPST & SPDT versions. 
    Summary of Wireless Relay Boards
  • Wireless USB Interface Mounts as a Virtual COM Port on your PC for Easy Programming and 100% Compatibility Across ALL Operating Systems
  • 1 to 32 Channel versions available
  • Control one relay at a time or all relays at once with manual and automatic refreshing command set
  • ProXR Versions expandable to control up to 256 Relays using the XR Expansion Port
  • CPU status LEDs show command processing Activity
  • RoHS option available
  • SignalSwitch Compatible
XSC Long Range Wireless Relay Controllers are ideal for Controlling Devices outdoors over long distances. With the External Long Range Antenna this device is capable of talking to any XSC Relay Controller within a 15 Mile Radius
1 Channel XSC Wireless Relay Board
ZR110_XSC XSC Long Range Relay

Wireless Relay

Our Wireless Relays feature SPDT and SPST relays and are available with your choice of eight channel 8/10-Bit Analog to Digital Conversion or UXP Expansion Port on selected models, look for AD or UXP in the part number. All are of course SignalSwitch compatible.  All 4, 8, 16, 24 and 32 Channel Wireless Relays feature the ProXR Command Set and an XR Expansion Port, simply look for PROXR in the part number.  Built from the ground up with expansion in mind, simply chain the XR Expansion Modules to the XR Expansion port, one after another, to meet your computer controlled switching requirements to add up to 256 relays.  For more detailed information, video, manuals and to order, please click on the links below.

NCD Component Library Download

Download NCD Component Library

By downloading the NCD Component Library you will receive over 40 samples from A/D Conversion to Duration and Pulse Timing and best of all it's FREE!! We want the user to be able to experiment with all the different samples available so as of right now the samples cannot be downloaded individually. 

We've "Started" the Programming for You

With the NCD Component Library we've "started" the programming for you.  We say started because these are fully functioning samples but we've also included the source code so you can customize them to your exact needs.  Start by downloading the NCDComponentSetup.zip file from the NCD Component page.
Download NCD Component Library

Over 40 samples included with this download!  To view screen shots of each example visit our NCD Component Library Page.