RS232 Potentiometers at a Glance...

  • Programmable Potentiometers
      - 256 Levels of Programmable Resistance
      - Operates in the 0 - 5 Volt Range
      - Maximum Current Capacity of 1ma
      - 3 Contact Points for Each
      - Available in 10K, 50K and 100K Resistance
      - Temperature Rating -40° C to 85° C
      - Expandable to 256 Potentiometers
  • RS232 Interface
      - Screw Terminal Connector
      - Optional DB9 Connector W/Quick Start Kit
      - Connects to Any Available COM Port

Programmable Digital Potentiometer

Our Digital Potentiometer controllers offer our customers the capability of integrating programmable digital potentiometers into their next computer control application.  Potentiometers are available in 10K, 50K, and 100K values.  Each potentiometer output can be set to any of 256 possible output values.  Each potentiometer may be controlled individually, or you may control all potentiometers simultaneously.

Expandable to 256 Output Channels

Our line of RS232 digital potentiometers are expandable to 256 potentiometer output channels using additional expansion modules.  The RS-232 serial interface has a programmable baud rate up to 115.2K and the USB interface mounts as a Virtual COM Port under ANY operating system, and is again controlled at 115.2K Baud.  RS232 Potentiometers have your choice of 8, 16 or 24 channels of programmable potentiometers with 3 contact points for each programmable resister.

Resistance Output

Please keep in mind; our RS232 POT series controllers offer a resistance output, and cannot provide a voltage output of any kind without additional electronics.  The potentiometers are limited to applications that operate in the 0 to 5V range.  Each potentiometer has a maximum current capacity of 1ma. Exceeding these rating will immediately damage the controller.