16 Channel SPDT Relay

16 Channel SPDT Controller Board

SPDT Single Pole Double Throw Relay

SPDT Single Pole Double Throw Relays have three connections.  Common, Normally Open, and Normally Closed.  When the relay is off, the common is connected to the normally closed connection of the relay.  When the relay coil is energized, the Common swings over to the Normally Open Connection of the Relay.

Large Selection

We offer a large selection of Sixteen Channel SPDT Relay Boards for applications ranging from small signal switching to high voltage, high current applications.  If your looking for a 802.15.4 Wireless SPDT Relay, USB SPDT Relay or Bluetooth SPDT Relay we have the largest connection options around.

Latest Advancements

Look for our ProXR series controllers for the latest advancements in signal switching!  The ProXR Series is capable of controlling up to 256 relays.  Control one relay at a time or all 256 relays at once with manual and automatic refreshing command set!  With our SPDT signal switching, the ProXR Series are built from the ground up with Expansion in mind.  Simply Chain the XR Expansion Modules, one after another, to meet your computer controlled switching requirements.  Your system will grow as your needs grow by simply plugging in modules as needed.  All boards in the ProXR Series will have the ProXR suffix in the part number.    For more detailed information and to order, please click on the links below.