Key Fob Configuration Kit
Configuring Commands to The KFX Module

You configure How the Relays React to a Key Fob Button Press

Free Setup Software
By default, the KFX receiver is shipped with momentary operation of 8 relays from an 8-button key fob.  If you wish to send different commands to the board they will need to be programmed into the KFX Module.  This is done by connecting the Key Fob Configuration Kit to your computer and using Base Station Software (a free download).  Once you have set the commands, the module will be removed from the configuration Kit and installed into the board.  The KFX Module will now send your commands to the board when the key fob button is pressed.

Here's How it Works

When a button is pressed on the Key Fob, the KFX Receiver it is paired with will send a preconfigured command to the board and the relays will react accordingly.  The KFX Receiver can be configured for button press and button release events.  If you intend to use smaller key fobs with less than 8 buttons, it is possible to use the extra KFX memory to send more than 9 bytes of commands when buttons are pressed and released.

Module Setup

The Configuration Kit acts as an interface between your computer and the KFX Receiver, allowing you to define the baud rate and commands that are transmitted for each key fob button press and release.  The KFX Receiver Module is configured using Base Station Software, and will be plugged into the Key Fob Configuration Kit only during configuration.  Only one Configuration Kit is needed regardless of the number of KFX Receivers you intend to use.