Time Relay

Trigger Relays by Time

Delay Relay Switching or
Switch According to Time Schedule

We offer relays that can be controlled by a time delay or boards that know what time and day it is and you can simply schedule a time for the relay to come on and turn off. A relay can turn on with a touch of a button on your desktop, a program that you write or by a Key Fob you hold in your hand.

Key Fob Relays can can trigger time delay by simply pushing a button.

Time Delay Relay

The time delay can be activated thorough the included software or can be triggered by a sensor attached to the board. Time delay can be configured to trigger relays, events and timers using parameters that you determine. For example you can set the time duration, how long before the relay starts and how long it's activated. Time delay can be triggered with a computer through the included software or with a sensor connected to the board.

Time Relay

Our Time Relay Series of controllers include an integrated real time clock so the board actually know what time it is. Use your computer to setup the time schedule and store your schedule into the time relay. Once stored, the Time Relay Controller does not require a computer, and will activate relays according to a schedule stored on the board that can be as simple or as complex as your application requires.

Control relays when your time schedule matches the current year, month, day of week, calendar day, or Hour/Minute/Second. Activate relays only when the day is Monday, activate relays when the day is Monday and the Year is 2020, activate relays when the day is Monday, the year is 2020 at 9:44:21 AM. The Time Relay controller stores 999 events and controls up 256 relays.

Delay Relay
Before or After Relay Triggers
Delay Relay
  • Relays Trigger by Timer Commands
  • Start Delay Before or After Relay Triggers
  • Included Software Configures Timers
  • Software Can Controls Relays
  • Attached Sensor can Also Trigger Timers

Time Relay
A Board That Know What Time It Is
Time Relay
  • Relays Trigger by Time Schedule
  • Included Software Configures Schedule
  • Control Single or Groups of Relays
  • Specific Time Turns Relay On
  • Specific Time Turns Relay Off
  • Computer Used Only to Override and Configure Schedule
Key Fob Timer
Key Fob Starts Timer
Key Fob Control
  • Relays Trigger by Key Fob
  • Start Timer Before or After Relay Triggers
  • Included Software Configures Timers
  • Software Can Control Relays
  • Attached Sensor can Also Trigger Timers
N-Button Lite Software
Desktop Timer Control
  • Create Desktop Buttons to Control Timers
  • Trigger Multiple Relays with One Button
  • Time Relays Between Each Other
N-Button Lite Software
Software for Easy Configuration
Timer Software
  • Create Buttons to Control Timers
  • Create Meters to Read Sensor Inputs
  • Customize with Your Logo or Picture
USB Relay
Relays with USB Interface
  • Allows computer controlled switching using the USB port of your computer
  • Works with any programming language that supports serial communications
  • USB Introduction Article

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