2 Channel Time Delay Relay

Configurable Delay Relay

Time Delay Relay

All The Features You Need...

  • Set Time Delay with Included Software
  • Connects to USB Port of Your Computer
  • Sensors Can Trigger Relays
  • Trigger Relays all at Once or in Sequence
  • Trigger another Timer or Event after timer has Completed it's Cycle
  • Time Itself can be Configured by Redefining the Length of a Second for Precise Timing
  • Key Fob Option Available
     - Button Presses Activate Timers/Relays
Time Delay Relays
Set Timers, Events & Event Piping

Our Time Delay Relays are equipped with firmware built into the board that will allow you to setup delays and complex actions.  You can set the relay to trigger before or after the time delay.   Complex events and rotations can be configured and you can define up to 8 timers that run in the background.   Timers support Event Piping. Event Piping means a timer can trigger another timer or another event after the timer has completed its cycle.

Configuration software is available as a free download!

Set Time Delay before of after you trigger the relay. Trigger relays wigh the included software or with an attached sensor.