Taralist Relay

Time Activated Relay using Integrated Real Time Clock

The Taralist series Time Activated Relay Controllers are unlike any other relay timer in the world. The Taralist series have an integrated battery backed Real Time Clock with memory that allows users to control relays based on a time schedule. Use your computer to setup the time schedule and store your schedule into the Taralist controller. Once stored, the Taralist does not require a computer, and will activate relays according to a schedule that can be as simple or as complex as your application requires.

The Taralist can be configured with a new time schedule after installation using wireless communications to your computer. Optionally, the Taralist may be configured using the USB port of your computer (you may change or upgrade communication modules at any time).

We have developed a powerful matching algorithm that allows you to control relays when your time schedule matches the current year, month, day of week, calendar day, or Hour/Minute/Second. Activate relays only when the day is Monday, activate relays when the day is Monday and the Year is 2020, activate relays when the day is Monday, the year is 2020 at 9:44:21 AM. The Tara list controller stores 2000 events (our software is currently limited to 999 events) and controls up 256 relays.
32 Channel Time Activated Relay
Battery Backed Clock Keeps Time when Powered Down!
The Midnight Backup Buffer is a special feature we developed to help keep track of which relays should be activated in the event power is lost. Every night at midnight, the current status of all relays is stored in non-volatile memory. If power is lost, the Taralist will load the status of the relays from memory. Time schedule events cannot be processed without power, battery backup is used to keep time only.
Taralist controllers allow you to build and save your time schedule as a file on your computer, you can comment your schedule and control which events are active and inactive. We encourage you to keep your schedule file in a safe place. Once you have perfected your file, you can store the time schedule into as many Taralist controllers as you could ever need

New Board Designs
The new Taralist Relay features our new surface mount LED lights.  These lights are smaller and brighter than previous generation lights for making relay status easier to read at a glance.  The Taralist Relays will also feature a new board design with Break-Away Tabs.  With the Tabs on, the board will fit into an enclosure.  If your project requires a smaller profile without an enclosure, simply snap off the tabs on each side for a smaller board.

Interfaces will include USB, ZigBee Wireless, XSC Long Range Wireless and ZB Mesh Networking.  All interfaces will be available in 8 Channel, 32 Channel and 64 channel relays.

Time Activated Relay is here!

A more streamlined manufacturing process brings a more durable, reliable and better relay board to the market. Here's a lists of great features:
    User Friendly Board Design  Board
  • Surface mount allows for a smaller board
  • Break-A-Way Tabs lets you decide the board's size
  • Interchangeable interfaces allows you to upgrade or change your interface at any time
    Added Features
  • Battery backed clock keeps time when powered down
  • Control relays based on time schedule loaded into controller
  • Store schedules wirelessly AFTER installation or using
      the USB port
  • Calculates relay status from midnight to the current time
      on boot up
  • Supports daylight savings time with programmable schedule
  • Controls 256 relay based on time schedule


Taralist Relay Controller with Break-Away Tabs
8 Channel Taralist Relay with Break-Away Tabs
Taralist Relay Controller with Break-Away Tabs Removed
8 Channel Taralist Relay with Tabs Broken Out
Taralist Relay Controller with Break-Away Tabs Removed
8 Channel Taralist Relay Without Break-Away Tabs

Taralist Relay

Our Taralist Relays feature SPDT & SPST relays and are available in 8, 32 and 64 channel configurations.  We have in stock and will be shipping soon 4-Channel, 24-Channel, 48-Channel and 56-Channel Taralist Relays.  All are of course SignalSwitch compatible.
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64 Channel USB Taralist Relay Without Break-Away Tabs
64 Channel USB Taralist Relay


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